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Two arrested for stealing gas from main pipeline

SSGC arrested two miscreants who were using gas directly from main gas pipe line in Karachi’s Sadar area. SSGC’s CGTO team along with SSGC Police carried out raids in a Sadar area where the two culprits were stealing gas from main pipeline for Power Generation.

The Company police lodged FIR against the owners Jamaluddin and Mohammad Shahid who were found stealing gas. Claims will be raised against the culprits in accordance with the load consumed by the miscreants.

SSGC team supported by its Police Force conducted another raid on a silver foundry in Korangi area. The raiding party discovered that gas was being obtained from domestic connection for running a Silver Foundry. Total load consumed at the time of raid was 1550 cubic feet per hour. The team removed the meter and disconnected the supply. Claims will be raised in accordance with the load used illegally.

In Quetta, a raid was conducted by SSGC team on a paper factory where owner of the factory was stealing gas by tampering with the regulator. Although the approved load was 150 cft per hour, the culprits were found using a hefty load of 605 cft/hr, an act that comes under the ambit of gas theft. The CGTO team also raided a milk shop where the shop keeper was using gas on domestic connections for commercial purposes. The connection line has been disconnected and claim will be raised according to load consumed at the time of raid.

Under the banner of Operation Grift, SSGC team is waging an all-out war against Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG). One of the contributory factors behind UFG is the menace of gas theft which the Company is striving to control with frequent raids in its franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan.