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SSGCWA’s Tree Plantation Ceremony

Cutting trees will cause more air pollution and diseases. Trees help us in two ways. One way is clearing the air and the other way is giving us more oxygen. Trees are very precious to human beings like you and me. That is why we should stop cutting trees and planting more trees.  By planting trees we can make our surroundings and environment free from pollution and our Country GREEN. Today the world is facing environmental problems. Global warming, ozone depletion and pollution are burning issues. Solution to these problems lies in planting more trees. It is our duty as abiding citizens of Pakistan to keep our Country neat and clean and Green too.  Therefore we as one nation should take this mission forward and plant trees in every nook and corners of our surroundings and make our Country not only Clean but GREEN. To overcome the above problem, SSGCWA President Ms. Asma Butt & its Executive Committee has come forward and took up the mission of Tree Plantation and formed the GO GREEN PROJECT on part of Independence Day Celebrations on 14 August 2018. To fulfill this mission, SSGCWA has to plant 1 lac saplings by 14.08.2019 (i.e. in a year’s time).  In order to implement this mission, the first initiative was taken on 14th August 2018 at the SSGC Karachi Terminal premises, where initially 100 saplings were planted. Our Managing Director Mr. Amin Rajput has done the inauguration of 100 trees @ K.T. and took the first step towards planting a Sapling and watering it. And prayers were offered for the prosperity and fruitfulness of the tree, of the organization and of the country. PLANTING trees is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and its reward continues even after the death of the person who plants a tree. Says Mr. Amin Rajput, MD, SSGC while addressing Media during the ceremony. Later on, the Senior Management of SSGC continued to plant saplings around the premises including Mr. Adnan Saghir, GM (Transmission – K.T.), Mr. Fasihuddin Fawwad, ACFO, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed, Company Secretary, Mr. Shahbaz Islam, AGM (HR/CCD), Col. Shoaib Qureshi, AGM (Admin Services), Mr. Mahmood Jeelani, AGM (Transmission), Mr. Nayyar Pasha, DGM (Telecom – Services), Mr. Muhammad Taj, DGM (Measurement – K.T.), Mr. Salman Siddiqui, DGM (CCD), Mr. Nadeemullah, ACM (Admin Services, K.T.) alongwith all SSGC Employees as well. Ms. Asma Butt, President, SSGCWA alongwithwith Ms. Rana Khan, Vice President, SSGCWA and with other SSGCWA Members also planted Saplings and continue the tree plantation process. Later on, a Cake shaping Pakistani Flag to celebrate the Independence Day was also cut by the children present on the occasion in a cheerful way. President, SSGCWA in the end give kudos and accolades for the tremendous efforts made by the Administration Committee comprising of Mr. Noman Kazmi, Mr. Noman Hashmi, Mr. Muhammad Hussain, Ms. Sylvia Conception, Ms. Salma Naqvi, Ms. Sabeen Naqvi, Mr. Abdul Razzak, Mr. Abdul Malik Agha. In the end, scrumptious brunch was served to everyone to celebrate the Independence Day with great zeal and fervor.