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Operation Grift tightens noose on gas theft

SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Control (SS & CGTO) Team conducted raids on two business units in Federal B. Area and Mehmoodabad in Karachi in January 30, 2018.

The SS & CGTO team in coordination with the Company’s Customer Relations and FIR and SSGC police contingent undertook a raid on a corrugation factory where the owners were involved in stealing gas from direct line and consuming a total load of 925 cubic feet per hour to run their unit.  SSGC Police arrested the factory owner Zahid Malik and lodged an FIR against him. Material used in stealing gas was also confiscated by the raiding team.

The same team raided a bakery in Mehmoodabad where the proprietors were stealing gas with directly from main line and consuming a load of 1,100 cubic feet per hour to run the unit.  The SSGC police nabbed the factory owner and registered an FIR against him.

SSGC has expressed its determination to uproot the menace of gas theft which is one of the major reasons behind the rising trend of Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG).   The Operation Grift campaign is in full flow, with the Company management determined to uproot the menace of gas theft.

The Gas (Theft Control and Recovery) Act, 2016 passed by the National Assembly in 2016 and the recent establishment of Gas Theft utility courts have given the gas utilities the mandate to take an unprecedented legal action against them.