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Rehabilitation of Lyari Gas Network to Improve Service Delivery

Lyari, the heart of the ‘old-city area’ happens to be one of the earliest gasified areas in Karachi. Over time, the improvements and maintenance measures enabled the network to supply gas to the consumers.

Nevertheless, the age-old network in many parts of Karachi had become ‘under-sized’ due to rapid  population increase generally in Karachi and specifically in Lyari. The problem has been further aggravated by the continuous decline in production from the indigenous gas fields, resulting in SSGC’s inability to maintain adequate supply pressures, especially to the tail-end areas, the impact of which is particularly visible during the peak demand periods and the winter season.

In order to mitigate above mentioned  problem, SSGC has embarked on full-scale rehabilitation of its distribution network particularly in areas of high population density and proximity to the coast line (being more susceptible to corrosion).

Accordingly, in the first phase, SSGC completed its large high pressure 12” diameter, 5-km supply main from Mazar-e-Quaid to Dhobi Ghat in 2022 to boost much needed gas supply and resolve pressure issues. Similarly, five major distribution main pipeline projects are under various stages of completion. In parallel, SSGC recently completed rehabilitation project in the DHA area which has proved to be highly effective in improving service delivery and sustainable reduction of the complaints. Following the massive rehabilitation exercise in DHA, SSGC has commenced grand-scale rehabilitation project in Lyari, comprising of laying more than 400-Km length of distribution pipelines.

Distribution network downstream of four Town Border Stations (TBSs) in Lyari namely Chakiwara, AWT, Lyari and Kumharwara shall be rehabilitated with the installation of new, larger-diameter pipelines with an overall estimated cost of Rs. 4.1 billion.

Starting from the famous Chakiwara Road off the Mirza Adam Khan Road, the project is expected with great confidence to mitigate the low-pressure issue in the region on a long-term basis.

Segment-1 rehabilitation will cover the areas under the TBS AWT and Chakiwara including, but not limited to Khadda Market, Nayaabad, Daryaabad, Baghdadi, Shahbaig Lane, Nawabad, Hot Chowk, Gulistan Colony, Tuglaque Lane, Chakiwara, Singolane, Gul Mohd. Lane, Phol Patee Lane, Tannery Road, Old Kumharwara, Moosa Lane and Siraj Colony which will be completed within 6-months. On the other hand, the Segment-2 rehabilitation covering TBS Lyari and Kumharwara will commence within two months. Consequently rehabilitation of the Lyari Area, in its entirety will be completed within  8-months’ timeframe.

SSGC aims to rehabilitate even larger span of distribution infrastructure covering the areas of North Nazimabad, North Karachi, Garden and Malir in the fiscal year 2024-25.