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Around 144,000 cm/yr theft volume unearthed as SSGC continues raids in franchise areas

SSGC continued to make inroads into gas theft cases through regular raids in its franchise areas.  In the latest crackdown, the Customer Relations Department’s (CRD) theft control team conducted raid in Liaquatabad and disconnected 57 illegal domestic connections through rubber pipes.  Approximate volume of theft committed was 54,720 cm per year (Rs. 1,710,000 per year in monetary terms). The CRD team also raided on and disconnected 65 illegal domestic connections in Nazimabad. Theft volume was calculated at 62,400 cm per year (Rs. 195, 00, 00 per year).  Four disconnections were also made during raids conducted in Mohammad Ali Society and Orangi Town where gas was being used directly through domestic meters for commercial purposes.

Meanwhile, SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft (SS & CGTO) Operations Wing along with SSGC Police and Recovery Department conducted a major joint raid in Paradise Bakery Factory in Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi. The culprit was found using gas directly through the service line.  Total connecting load was calculated at 1,740 cubic feet / hr. SSGC Police has lodged an FIR against owner Muhammad Yaseen and is also raising appropriate claim against theft.

A massive gas theft was unearthed in Sukkur with the removal of 10 underground clamps and domestic connections of 210 houses. Approximate volume of theft Committed was 201,600 cm per year. In Hyderabad, gas theft was unearthed at Mutaasreen Colony in Kohisar Area, Latifabad where 2 clamps on 8″ dia. and 2″ dia. Feeder Mains (FMs) were fixed by the miscreants for further extending rubber pipes to more than 30 houses in a non-gasified area. Clamps were removed, rubber pipes were reclaimed and 8″ dia. and 2″ dia. FMs repaired and welded. Approximate volume of theft committed by the above unregistered customers: in the area was calculated at 28,800 cm per year.

SS & CGTO Operations Wing Hyderabad conducted a joint raid along with Distribution and CRD teams in Pathan Goth, Makrani Para where gas was being used directly from the main distribution to run a hotel through 1 clamp of 40 mm PE dia. line. Total load was estimated at 270 cubic feet / hr. FIR is being lodged against and approximate claim is being raised.

SSGC prevailed on domestic gas theft miscreants in other cities in Sindh including Larkana’s Jacobabad Zone and Shikarpur Zone where 13 and 12 overhead and underground illegal connections, respectively, were dismantled and rubber pipes and clamps were removed in a swift operation.