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A number of distribution projects are currently being undertaken in Balochistan to improve gas supply and pressure issues. Following are some of the projects

  1. Reinforcement of 16″ dia. Widening of NHA road at Mari Colony
  2. Reinforcement  of 8″ dia. x 0.9 KM Khali Chowk to PAF Gate
  3. Reinforcement of  8″ dia. x 2.184 KM Khairee Chowk to Jabal-e-Noor
  4. Reinforcement of 8″  dia. x 2.00 KM Khairee Chowk to Jabal-e-Noor
  5. Reinforcement of  4″ dia x 800 Mtrs Kirani Chowk to Jabal-e-Noor