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Active Tenders

Terms & Conditions

Bids in sealed envelope shall be dropped in the tender box placed at the Tender Opening Room, Ground Floor SSGC, Head Office
Bids sent through courier be delivered, at least half an hour before the scheduled time of opening
After the bids / quotations are opened, no bidder shall be allowed to revise, propose or request any changes in bid
The bidder or authorized representative shall sign in full with stamp & date on each page of the tender document as well as enclosures vis-a­ vis, drawings, specifications etc. Any corrections, overwriting shall be duly signed
  1.5 Rate shall be item wise, as given in schedule of requirement unless
Bidder is responsible for timely delivery (preferably through local agent) of bids at Procurement Department. Company will not be responsible for misplacement / tampering / non-attendance / delay or any other incident in case the bids are not delivered at the designated place & time
  1.7 Bids shall be submitted in two copies, (original + copy)
  1.8 The price on FOB and C&F basis is to be quoted separately, essentially indicating the following
1.8.1 Country of origin
1.8.2 Port of shipment
1.8.3 Estimated gross / net weight, dimension & volume of offered item
1.8.4 Delivery period
1.8.5 Original technical literature
Bid bond equivalent to two percent (2%) of the total bid value, in favor of Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd, shall accompany the bid if bid value is Rs: 100,000 for local bid in the form of a Pay Order, Demand Draft, Call Deposit Receipt or a Bank Guarantee (specimen attached at Annexure-A), issued by a scheduled bank in Pakistan. The bid bond shall remain valid for 120 days unless specified otherwise. The bid bond shall be returned / refunded to the un-successful bidders while the bid bonds of the successful bidder shall be retained, till submission of performance bond. Bids without bid bond will not be considered. In case the order value is less than Rs. 500,000/- (less than US$ 25,000, in case of foreign bid) the bid bond in lieu of Performance Bond, will be retained till fulfillment of obligations by the supplier. If bid bond submitted by the supplier is more than 2% of ordered value, it may be replaced with appropriate value. If ordered material is less than Rs. 100,000/- the bid bond will be returned along with order. Bid Bond of non-compliant bidders may be released during evaluation process.
  All offers shall remain valid for 90 days from the date of opening of bids, until any further extension agreed by the bidder.
  The company reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or part thereof, without assigning any reasons.
  Quoted price shall remain valid, firm, irrevocable and fixed till the fulfillment of obligations by the Supplier and will not be subject to escalation on any account.
  If applicable / required, the Bidder (s) shall submit the following:
  a. Samples
  b. Original technical literature
  c. Test certificates
  d. Documentary evidence, will be required for legal import in case of imported material, at the time of delivery when quoted on FOR basis.
  Note: Bidder who does not submit documents, certificates etc., will be considered commercially non-compliant.
  Evaluation will be done on item-wise basis unless specified otherwise. The Company for timely delivery or economic reasons / compatibility may :
  7.1 Split the tendered items / quantities among more than one supplier.
  7.2 Form package of tendered items / quantities.
  7.3 Evaluation will be done item wise C&F value, however award of order will be considered on item wise FOB value basis.
  7.4 Foreign currency exchange rate will be considered as of bid opening date.
If bidder has quoted his/her price deviating from specification requirements / terms and conditions without indicating the amount of cost compensation / loading will be arrived at in the following manner
  a. The cost compensation / loading amount for that item shall be derived
If (a) is not possible, average of rates of other bidders, who have quoted for that item conforming to technical specification, shall form the basis for cost compensation / loading.
The Purchaser shall encourage local participants in the bidding who will enjoy local price preference applicable/prevailing at the time of evaluation of the bids. However, they should submit local value addition on the imported raw material and percentage of locally manufactured part with documentary evidence which should be duly certified by their Company's auditors, along with the bid.
  Bid will be declared non-compliant if loading results an extensive increase in price of material
In case PO value is Rs. 500,000 or above (US $ 25,000 or above, or equivalent for other currencies, in case of foreign bid) letter of intent will be issued to successful bidders for submission of PBG which is to be submitted within ten days (15 days in case of foreign supplier) from receipt of LOI. The successful bidders shall submit a performance bond in the form of pay order or bank guarantee (specimen attached at Annexure-B) issued by a scheduled bank in Pakistan, for an amount equivalent to 10% of the total value of the Purchase Order or as specified, in the letter of intent. The performance bond unless specified otherwise, shall remain valid till:
  a. Completion of final satisfactory delivery in case of consumable items.
  b. 12 months from the date of satisfactory delivery of the equipment or machinery.
The guarantee will be released after completion of this period, subject to satisfactory performance of the supplied equipment / machinery. The supplier shall keep the guarantee valid at their cost until fulfillment of the obligations.
  Purchase order of quoted material may be placed on fulfillment of conditions mentioned at 7 & 9 above
  11.1 Free delivery at any of the following locations, unless specified otherwise:
a. R & D Section, Abul Hassan Isphani Road, Karachi.
b. R & D Section, F-37, SITE Karachi.
c. R & D Section, F-76, Dope Yard SITE, Karachi.
d. Meter Manufacturing Plant, Sir Shah Suleman Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi.
e. Any other location intimated by the company.
  11.2 Delivery period shall commence after 10 days of the issuance of letter of intent or from the date of Purchase Order which ever is earlier, unless otherwise specified
  11.3 The Supplier shall replace defective material at his / her risk & cost including transportation, duty, taxes etc.
  11.4 GST Invoice if applicable be submitted at R&D section alongwith material & delivery challan.
  11.5 In case of "FOB" order / contract, shipment (s) shall be effected per vessel of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation own or chartered vessels on "Freight to Collect" basis. Bill of lading to indicate "FREIGHT PAYABLE BY THE CONSIGNEE AT DESTINATION"
  11.6 Delivery is to be made strictly in accordance with "Delivery Schedule" mentioned in Schedule of Requirement
  11.7 Un-loading facilities i.e. cranes, fork lifters, labor etc., will be arranged by supplier at delivery site
  The material shall be in original / sealed packing to ensure delivery without any damages during transit.
The supplier shall be responsible for and shall provide part of the work and services / functions and equipment related to packing, handling, loading, lashing and securing in ship's holds, and generally for supply of goods until after loading in the vessel
If any of the goods is discovered to be damaged or unacceptable at the point of embarkation, the supplier shall be responsible for replacement of those goods free of any charges and costs to the buyer, within the delivery time schedule of the contract / order
The supplier shall ensure that ship's holds in which the goods stored are clean, dry and otherwise suitably prepared for carrying goods safely. The supplier shall arrange for goods to be stored below deck
  12.4 The supplier shall ensure that the goods are packed and crated in a manner suitable for ocean shipment from the supplier's country of origin to Karachi, Pakistan. He / She shall ensure that the handling and storage of such goods and its placement in the ship's hold is compatible with good engineering practices and not liable to damage
The identification marks showing contents, quantity and contract / order number shall be printed on each skid / metal container / case containing one copy of invoice & packing list
Pre-delivery inspection may be carried out at the premises of Supplier (s) and / or post delivery inspection at Company's any location, by the appointed inspector / inspection team, third party inspectors appointed by SSGC.
The supplier after delivery of goods and its acceptance shall submit invoice to Finance Department, containing relevant information i.e. (a) Purchase Order number (b) Purchase Order date (c) item number (d) quantity (e) price (f) invoice value (g) point of delivery (h) delivery challan indicating delivery date. Payment will be made, within 30 days of completion of stated formalities. The company may consider payment through irrevocable letter of credit (LC). Charges of LC at our end will be borne by SSGC, and at supplier end will borne by the supplier and confirmation charges (if desired) shall be borne by the supplier.
  14.1 Payment of FOB price shall be made in the currency of bid through an irrevocable letter of credit established in favor of the supplier negotiable through the Bank of his choice. Bidder must indicate full name and address of the negotiating Bank and the place at which he wishes to negotiate the letter of Credit. All bank charge outside Pakistan will be on beneficiary's account and all bank charges in Pakistan will to opener's account. If letter of Credit is required to be confirmed, then confirmation charges will be on beneficiary account. Freight shall be payable to Pakistan National Shipping Corporation in Pak Rupees.
  14.2 The Letter of Credit shall be available upon presenting to the negotiating Bank of the following documents within fifteen (15) days of the date of the Bill of lading covering shipment of each consignment
14.2.1 Invoice 4 Copies
14.2.2 Packing List 4 Copies
14.2.3 Bill of lading "Freight to be paid by Consignee at destination "evidencing shipment in terms of the purchase order to Karachi - Pakistan made out to order in the name of Buyer's Bank, Notify party Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi.
3 Original & 3 negotiable Copies
14.2.4 Certificate of Origin 2 Copies
Manufacturers Test Certificate/Inspection Report. 2 Copies
Without prejudice to the supplier's responsibility for providing documents mentioned as at 14.2.1 to 14.2.5 above to bank, the supplier shall forward the following documents directly to Buyer immediately after shipment so as to reach the Buyer at least 15 days prior to the arrival of the vessel at Karachi.
14.3.1 Invoice 6 Copies
14.3.2 Bill of lading (Non- negotiable)
6 Copies
14.3.3 Packing List 6 Copies
14.3.4 Certificate of Origin 2 Copies
Manufacturers Test Certificate /Inspection Report. 2 Copies
The invoice to be exactly as per Order. Any deviation which render or cause the buyer to pay demurrage or any other charges with respect to Clearance / Handling etc. will be borne by the supplier
  14.4 No Payment hereunder shall be deemed to be accepted by the Buyer of the goods covered by such payment nor release the supplier from responsibility thereof under the terms of the Purchase Order
  14.5 If the Buyer is compelled to pay demurrage or Storage charges or incurs any loss or suffers any damage at Karachi Port on account of Non- compliance by the Supplier of above requirements, the Buyer shall be entitled at his sole discretion to recover the same amount from the Supplier
Income Tax @ 3.5% or as applicable under the prevailing Government rules will be deducted at source (except where the supplier provides an income tax exemption certificate). Quoted price shall be inclusive of all taxes, except GST, which shall be mentioned separately.
Supplier shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, stamp duties, license fees and other such levies imposed / incurred until delivery of the contracted / ordered goods to the buyer, outside the buyer's country
If Supplier fails to deliver ordered material within the stipulated period / scheduled time specified in Purchase Order, Company, without prejudice to any other remedies, shall deduct from the bills or any other due payments / guarantees, as liquidated damages, a sum equivalent to 0.1% per day of the undelivered goods upto maximum 10%. The liquidated damages shall also be applicable for the cancelled quantity of goods under Clause 17. Whenever liquidated damages become payable, in the event that delivery of all goods and equipment is not made within the time period specified except on account of force majueure, the buyer shall quantify the same and shall serve notice to the supplier requiring payment thereof. If the supplier fails to remit payment within fifteen (15) days of receipt of such notice, the buyer shall forth-with become entitled to recover the same without recourse to the supplier, by calling upon the performance security, withdrawals by way of liquidated damages shall not reduce the value of the performance security
  The Company may, without prejudice to any other remedy by written notice of default sent to the supplier, cancel the Purchase Order whole or in part
  a. If the Supplier fails to deliver the ordered quantity as per specified delivery schedule or any extension thereof granted by the Company.
  b. If the supplier fails to perform any other obligation (s) under the Purchase Order.
  c. If the Company during the delivery period has reasons to believe that the supplier will not be able to fulfill the obligations under the Purchase Order.
The company prior to the exercising its right to cancel the Purchase Order shall issue notice to the supplier specifying the default (s) and the supplier shall submit an explanation within seven (07) days of receipt of such notice. If such explanation is not furnished within the stipulated time or if so furnished, is found to be unsatisfactory and / or the default (s) continues, Purchase Order may be cancelled. The company in addition to cancellation of Purchase order may suspend / cancel the registration of supplier.
  17.1 The buyer shall have the right to terminate / cancel the contract agreement / purchase order concluded between the supplier and buyer if:
a. The successful bidder fails to furnish the performance bond as under clause 09 hereof
The supplier fails otherwise to perform, fulfill or comply with terms, conditions, regulations and requirements to the contract agreement / purchase order to carry out the work in accordance with the provisions thereof or abandons the shipment
c. The supplier becomes bankrupt or insolvent or makes an assignment for the benefit of its creditors.
d. One or more consignments of material are delayed by a period of more than three months or non-supplied
  17.2 The supplier shall have the right to terminate the contract / order if :-
a. The buyer fails to establish the letter of credit within the stipulated period as required under clause 13 hereof after the supplier has made compliance with the provisions of clause 08
The buyer becomes bankrupt or insolvent or makes an assignment for the benefit of its creditors
c. The buyer is in default and breach of his obligation and liabilities under the contract agreement / purchase order
The Company reserves the right to forfeit the bid bond / performance bond, if the supplier fails to accept the purchase order, fulfillment of the commitment / obligation or fails to supply the material as per specified requirement and delivery schedule.
  Bidder must furnish the declaration (specimen attached at Annexure-C) if the quoted amount becomes Rs. 10,000,000/- or above, being mandatory requirement.
  20.1 Marine Insurance shall be arranged by the buyer
  20.2 Supplier shall advise buyer by fax /email at least fifteen (15) days before the expected date of delivery on board (vessel) of each consignment the following particulars
Name of Vessel and carries's agent at the port of loading.
20.2.2 Age of vessel which shall be less than 25 years old.
20.2.3 Lloyds of equivalent classification of vessel.
20.2.4 Fax / telex information shall be followed by confirmation in writing by the supplier.
  20.3 Above details will also be advised by the supplier immediately after shipment direct to
    M/s. National Insurance Corporation.
P.O. box # 988, NIC building,
2nd Floor, Abbasi Shaheed Road, Karachi
(Fax #92-021-9202779).
Telex No. 25750 PK
and to the buyer referring to policy No. NIF/M/K/OP/002/73