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Safety Education

It is extremely dangerous to leave the gas heater and stove turned on in your absence or at night.
In case of gas leakage outside your house immediately call 1199.
Proper Ventilation is necessary where gas appliances are being used. Keep doors and windows open.
Never use a rubber gas pipe. Always install rigid pipes for gas supply.
Searching for a match box once the valve of a heater or a stove is turned on can prove to be hazardous.
Immediately contact the Company in case of a faulty meter, regulator or service valve. Do not attempt to make the repairs yourself.
Keep the valve of the gas heater and stove turned off when not in use.
Refrain from using a match or a lighter to check the water level in your underground storage tank. This could be dangerous because gas can leak into the water pipeline.
If the gas heater extinguishes on its own or in case of low gas pressure, close all gas points and
call 1199.
Do not use substandard stoves or heaters because such equipments in not only dangerous but also only cause an increase in your gas bill.
In case you smell a gas leak, open the doors and windows and call 1199 immediately. Do not light the heater or stove without consulting Company personnel.