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NEWS On 26th November 2016, SSGC Women Association initiated “THE MAGIC SHOE BOX PROJECT” for the children of Roshan Pakistan Academy, founded by Ms. Humaira Bachal, in its first phase. The idea behind this project was to generate shoeboxes, easily available in every home and wrapped it beautifully and filled it with items like (notebooks, pencil boxes, color books, stationery, chocolates, biscuits, an ambition greeting card and a small toy) that can make the children feel happy and live their lives in a blissful way. The Volunteers have been named “BOXERS” against combatting against illiteracy and supporting cause for promoting education. This idea is the brainchild of Ms. Asma Butt, President, SSGC Women Association and her Executive Committee and supported by Lead Coordinators (Summera Shaheen & Mumtaz Khozaima) and Volunteers namely (Salma Naqvi, Sylvia Conception, Muhammad Safdar, Zeeshan Jamali, Juned Manzoor, Aliya tuz Zehra, Saima Perveen, Sabiha Khan, Mohammad Mahmood Rashid, Muhammad Faraz Ameen, Asad Alam) who have run the whole project enthusiastically alongwith the support of SSGC Staff Members, who actually made it happen with their support and living champions. In the first wave, we succeed to gather 200 shoeboxes for RPA Academy. The children performed some tableaus, folk dances. All the volunteers together with Ms. Asma distributed the Shoe boxes to every child. Our SSGC Volunteer Mr. Rashid sang some national songs, and had some fun with the Kids. Ms. Sumera Shaheen was full in form and mingling with the children. Ms. Sabiha, Ms. Salma, Ms. Aliya-Tuz-Zahra, Ms. Sylvia also mingled and danced around with the children and made them feel like home. Ms. Asma gave her speech on behalf of SSGC and shared her views on this project and mentor the children for future goals in life and importance of education. Later on, there were photo sessions with the children and Humeira Bachal and her Staff members.Then had the Cake cutting ceremony and distributed the lunch boxes to every child. It was so good to see the smile on these children’s faces. It was an amazing landmark day for SSGC as well.

RPA Academy children are from an undeveloped slum area of Moach Goth, located at Hub River Road and underprivileged, where there are not much resources for them. They are mostly children who are victims of domestic violence and other uneven social norms. The parents are not educated enough to give them proper education, or to give them good morals. The idea of this project was to fight against the illiteracy rate in our Society/County and to expand a hand of support to the underprivileged children who are striving to get good education and whom some are not even able to go to school due to lack of resources. We at SSGCWA have open our doors to everyone be it from any walk of life and trying our level best to contribute towards the society to create a better environment and a better place to live in. We are always one step ahead to meet our achievements. We all live for ourselves, but to live for others is the real living. This project was very successful and praise worthy and have achieved the first phase. Our good work does not end here… Whenever needed we will always show the same zeal and enthusiasm.