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Gas theft – SSGC crack downs in Mehran Town

NEWS The Task Force of SSGC’s Customer Relations Department conducted another crack down against illegal users of gas in two localities of Mehran Town, Korangi. The team disconnected more than 3,500 illegal gas connections, through which the miscreants were using gas facility without paying their bills and causing a loss of Rs. 41.7 million per year. The raid was conducted in Korangi Sectors 6-B and 6-C.
The raiding party was supported by the contingent of SSGC Police Station along with the officers and staff belonging to Security and Utilization departments of SSGC. After the raid, team leader of CRD task Force Nawab Ali Shah disclosed that the thieves were stealing gas to the tune of 160,650 million cubic feet per annum.

The Task Force’s disconnection efforts got a major boost with the presence of the Police contingent. The police arrested two hotel owners on gas theft charges and lodged FIRs against them under Section # 462-D of Criminal Procedure Code. Mr. Nawab disclosed the names of both the culprits as Abdul Manan s/o Muhammad Sultan and Ubaidullah s/o Alaf Din.

The task force seized all the accessories including more than thousand meters long plastic pipes, which were being used in gas theft. According to SSGC’s spokesperson, the Company’s management has appreciated the efforts of Task Force in nabbing the gas thieves and hoped such efforts will further increase in order to counter the menace of UFG (gas losses).

The Company encourages law abiding citizens to report any incident of gas theft by by calling 24/7 helpline 1199 or SSGC’s official facebook page (facebook.com/ssgc.official) or by sending email to gastheftinfo@ssgc.com.pk.