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Raid Against Gas Theft in Jumma Goth and Hassan Hazara Goth

NEWS SSGC’s Customer Relations Department’s Task Force conducted a massive raid against direct use of gas in the heavily populated Jumma Goth and Hassan Hazara Goth, located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 11, Karachi.

It was the first raid that was conducted under the security cover of newly established SSGC’s Police Station. During the operation, the team disconnected more than 3,800 illegal domestic connections, found using gas directly from SSGC’s distribution main line through rubber pipes. In addition, the CRD task force also disconnected two commercial connections that were running their businesses by using gas illegally. The task force with the help of police took all rubber pipes and other accessories being used for gas theft, in their custody.

According to an estimate, 174,000 million cubic feet gas worth of Rs. 45.27 million was being stolen on yearly basis. Four persons were also arrested from the spot being instrumental in providing those illegal connections. FIRs against arrested culprits were also lodged as per the ‘Clause #426 of Criminal Law Amendment Act 2011’.

The SSGC taskforce comprised of SSGC’s Security, Surveillance and Monitoring (S&M), Distribution and Maintenance and Customers Relations departments.